Activist got silenced by Facebook


Activist got silenced by Facebook

[Update] There are many many more accounts that have been closed maybe 1000 or more.

[Update] They now say up to 100 activists and anons have lost their accounts last 24 hrs 

Global Pirate Party Activist Raymond Teh Johansen had his account disabled this morning for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. He has no recent posts violating any of the rules. His last act was trying to stop government shills from destroying teh 10k #FreeAnakata page. The same persons are responsible for destroying several large Anonymous groups recently. His account: https://www.facebook.com/Raymond.Teh.Johansen

Raymond works on causes all over the world trying to help all those oppressed and in danger. He fights against torture and for refugees. He also has been hunting pedofiles, right wing haters, and government shills. None of his activities are threatening or obscene. He always tries to conduct himself with a gentleman rules.

Raymond is known for working on high profile causes like Freeanons, Free Barret Brown, Free Jeremy Hammond, and Pirate issues. He has been very vocal in all things relating to mass surveillance. His voice is one of those that are important to a large number of people fighting to keep our freedoms intact.

He has a lot of very high profile friends in teh Pirate movement, Occupy and Anonymous. We consider this action a way to silence someone embarking on supporting Anakata with letters and books to a jailed brother. The co-founder of The Pirate Bay.

We find this action by Facebook to be a gross misuse of the terms of service and pure sensorship. We urge Facebook to re-instate his account.

Thank you for reading and Stay Frosty sisters and brothers in the fight for freedoms all over the world.

#PirateParty #Anonymous #HCPP #Occupy #FreeAnons #FreeBarretBrown #PPUK #PPNO #PPDE #TPP #FreeAnakata

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5 thoughts on “Activist got silenced by Facebook

  1. I know of over 50 accounts that got wiped out yesterday, some of them wheren’t even anonymous accounts, activists who operate under their real names had their accounts closed to. It took us about an hour to rebuild and reestablish communications. Your move Facebook. 😀

  2. Good, stop using let’s unite and spread our words outside. It’s the only way for a true revolution, not behind a computer screen.


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